About Us

High Impact Advertising

The Visitors Channel delivers powerful, highly targeted advertorial content and ad inserts directly to high-spending travelers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via our international network of four and five-star hotels.


Hotel & Destination Benefits

The Visitors Channel offers our partner hotels a high quality, highly desired guest amenity. The program features not only the destination’s unique culture and heritage but also “where to go” and “what to do”. Coupled with sophisticated screen parsing (frames) technology the channel features streaming (live) local and international news, weather forecasts, current events, flight arrival and departure information, and more. The Visitors Channel provides a complete 24-hour a day virtual e-Concierge and real-time visitor information center. Featuring the myriad of choices can have real impact to extending the length of stay and driving hotel revenues. And presenting the “upcoming events” (often presented in partnership with the local national tourism authority) encourages repeat visitation. The Visitors Channel: your perfect Travel Partner

Some of our clients include: